Welcome To My Adventure! (Intro-Day III)

13 Oct





This is a tiny view from outside my bedroom window on the farm. It’s my little happy nook (=


To begin I just want to mention a bit about why I am here. I am a humanitarian, and I have many goals in life, but first I must learn the basics if I intend to help others. Sustainable living is a skill not only useful to myself, beneficial to the Earth, but is also useful to others who cannot sustain life. I intend to spend a year here in New Zealand at the Earthstead Villas on this beautiful and loving organic farm which hosts guests at our three Earth-house cottages as well, learning sustainable living. In addition, I will be obtaining new understandings and discoveries about myself and the world. Eventually I intend to apply for my Masters Int’l Degree through the Peace Corps in Sustainable Living….but for all I know I could find a project in Ghana next week and be off yet again! So for now I am here and in the moment, learning about life on the farm…and true genuine living…All of these things will prepare me for my adventure in saving the world. Since I was five years old I have believed that all it takes is one person to save the world, and have always visualized myself as one of these figures. I was not able to understand it, but I trusted it then and as I grow into my big soul, I am trusting it more and staying open. So, feel free to follow my journey as you will, as you catch glimpses of my heart and soul…be inspired….be open….


Here is a bit of what I had posted on Facebook the last few days prior to my bloggingness to give an idea of my first few days:


Day I & II:
So, while I have a minute before dinner-I arrived yesterday in Auckland after a long, bumpy, sleepy flight to the most beautiful sunrise on Earth. It was a legit rainbow, red on bottom, and at the top of the sky was deep violet-all in view of my window seat in the plane. I had several hours to kill in the airport before my bus arrived, so I had a coffee and sent some emails-it was the most exhausted to the bone I had ever felt. After bus one (naked bus was the name of it), I had another hour and a half before bus two- and thought I might die from exhaustion. Sitting there with all my luggage waiting in front of the mall, keeping my eyes opened seemed as if it were the most difficult task I had ever needed to manage. I was angry because I couldn’t appreciate where I was…I had all my luggage and felt like total death. I slept most of the two hour bus ride to Cambridge, however I tried to catch glimpses of my new paradise home on the way, but my body was shut down. When I arrived, Alistair picked me up and showed me around the town a bit, then took me to meet his parents. Two healthy, happy, funny 95 year old people. When Alistair and I arrived we were offered some lovely wine and cheese (of course being right up my alley as well as needed after all of my travels!) Then we came home to the villas and they showed me my new home. My Earth room is being built, but it looks pretty rad. I’m staying in the house with Alistair and Suzie for now in a spare bedroom, but it is quite cozy. We had an amazing dinner when I arrived which consisted of  a mushroom, lentil, potato-something soup with some free range organic eggs and bacon, followed by fresh baked carrot cake with an epic fresh honey cream frosting-Yeah, I better start running/hiking ASAP! Then at about 21:00 NZ time I could not bare being awake another moment, so I retired to my new bed and slept harder and deeper than I ever had in my entire life. I awoke on Day two to my alarm at 7:10am, just before breakfast. . 

This morning consisted of a full hearty breakfast, tea, etc (every single thing served is grown organically here and made from scratch!!) Then another wwoofer from America showed me around. (She is here from Vermont with her husband.) I fed the chooks (chickens), collected eggs, fertilized citrus trees with organic worm compost, cleaned an earth house to prepare for the next guest-and all that we used to clean were water and these special expensive cloths which are designed to remove dirt/germs/etc! Every single thing here is from the Earth and pure! Then after some extra hours of work that just slipped past me because I was enjoying myself in the beautiful New Zealand sun, I showered, phoned mom, and set the table for an amazing dinner that Suzie had prepared. They have some company coming-as well as Al’s parents (the ones I met yesterday), so we are going to have a nice big family meal together with some wine…(mmm….wine!). There you have it for my first two days of heaven! Cheers!

 Day III- Jetlag status:

Today was a gorgeously gloomy/rainy/windy day. I began again with feeding the chooks/etc. However today was a bit more exciting on the learning front. I learned to milk a cow, then I was able to supervise another mother cow who recently had a calf that died-so they bought a baby for her which she sadly doesn’t care much for-so we have to supervise her and make sure she allows the baby to feed. After a few kicks to the baby she gave in thankfully. Animals are so unique, and naturally skeptic, so I had to earn her trust. Following that task, I was able to learn a bit more about the different types of compost. I learned to create some new from old, as well as learning the different transition phases of compost, followed by some hours of shoveling/wheel-barreling, and transplanting tomatoes with the compost that was ready for use. (I am working on my sexy farmer lady body after my months of Iowa German beer drinking body!) All of this was quite interesting to me because there is so much chemistry involved. My inner nerd is in heaven! There are so many more details of course, but that is for one to learn by their own experiences (I can’t give away all the fun). I did find that the labor today was quite difficult with being jet lagged, and the lack of sunshine atop of that. I think that between the sun and adrenaline yesterday I was able to function quite well, but today I was a mess child for sure! After lunch and my last hour of work, I was able to take the most rewarding hot shower of my life and an even more rewarding 20 minute nap that was actually a two hour nap.

Following my epic nap/regroup status I enjoyed another wonderful Suzie dinner (she is an incredible cook/baker/pretty much anything maker), and lovely conversation over tea and cake afterward with her, Alistair (who has the most charming humor), and the other two American wwoofers (John & Lindsey). We had a nice fire in the wood stove, and great conversations. I really like it here. I know that is quite generic. I feel warm and fuzzy here, and very welcome. I know that being a gypsy helps-because I can feel comfortable almost anywhere, but I really feel at home here. The energy is amazing. I cannot wait to hike up a mountain and see the ocean. Then I will truly have a greater sense of my paradise. But for now, on the farm, getting to know my NZ family-it is absolutely pleasing. I feel totally zen-at peace with myself and the universe. I know that there shall be bad days (which create learning opportunities…), and it may not always be rainbows and unicorns, but I also know that these people are incredible, and even on the bad days the good ones will exceed them.

Time to figure out blogging and read some books. Until next time, Peace and Love!


One Response to “Welcome To My Adventure! (Intro-Day III)”

  1. Susan D. October 13, 2012 at 5:32 pm #

    Beautiful Kim! My heart sings for you! If Woodland could see you now!

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