Reunited and it feels…..AMAZING!

7 Feb

We arrived in CHCH….finally! Sascha was still on his way, and I wouldn’t see him until about 16:00. There were a few hours to kill, which was fine. I hadn’t been around in CHCH, or seen anything, so we figured we would have a wee walk and get situated.

I searched for a parking place for what seemed like forever. Everything in CHCH is destroyed from the earthquakes (I will not take nor post any photos of the destruction out of respect for the lives and livelihoods that were destroyed due to the quakes). It was quite difficult to get around, and my GPS was worthless because every street was destroyed. It looked like Armageddon.

I decided I would simply pay for a full day to park, so I found a lot. I parked my car, but couldn’t figure out where to pay. The only thing around was a man in a food caravan wearing a construction vest. He was an older man, perhaps in his late 40s, and had a welcoming smile. I assumed he would have an answer for me. I waited in line behind his customers.

“Hello! What can I get for ya?” He said with a loud and pleasant voice. His energy was incredible.

“I’m sorry, but I actually just need a place to park, do you know where I can pay for parking?” I said, in what may have been my adrenaline voice, accompanied by my stress eyes.

“Actually that’s for construction workers, but you can park on the street. There’s a meter there, but no worries, you don’t have to pay. I work here all day, it’s okay.” He assured. “Say, are you girls okay? Would you like some waters?” He asked, concerned, as he reached in his chilly bin and gave us three some waters.

“Oh, thank you! That’s so kind. Yeah, we are okay now. We just had a bad situation with what we believe was a perverted wwoof host, so we had to escape today. These two girls… (I pointed to Charlotte and Julie) have no car, so I have them and all of their things in my tiny car. We just need to get situated, get some food and showers, and we will be okay. I’m meeting a dear friend soon, but for now I just need to start with parking my car!” I spewed all that out in one breath. My adrenaline was speaking. I was a bit overwhelmed.

“Wow! My God I am so sorry to hear that! All it takes is one bad person to ruin it for all the Kiwi culture. Look, can I get you anything? Here! I know, take this!” as he handed me a pre packaged meal, with homemade sushi, crab cakes, and chicken. It was enough for the four of us to share. I could see a genuine concern in his eyes.

“Oh, wow, thank you so much! That’s very kind of you!” I replied with genuine gratitude.

I tried to offer him money, but he wouldn’t take it. He simply smiled and said:

“My name is Ollie.”

This warmed my heart, because the cat at Sarita was named Ollie. It was a good name with good energy attached to it. Ollie was an angel. We three set off to find the German girl (I never learned her name…) at the iSite (info site).

After a long walk we finally found her. We ate our delicious meal, and then searched for some means to shower. We were all filthy from the day’s work. I went as far as asking the YMCA, because I work for them in the States, if we could shower there, and even explained my story. They answered with “That’ll be $5 per person for a shower, please.” I was appalled, but it wasn’t meant to be. The German girl made her way to the police department; she volunteered to go do the report, while we three got situated. The Y had a café with internet, so Charlotte searched to buy a vehicle. Sascha had texted back as well, and gave me an address to meet him at, at a backpacker hostel. The girls and I walked back to my car. We saw Ollie again, and he was just packing up for the day. He said he would drive the girls and I could follow, that way they didn’t have to illegally squeeze into my car again. What an angel!

We set out for a backpacker hostel, and my heart was overwhelmed with joy to see Sascha again! I really believed that I wouldn’t see him again in New Zealand, so this was a beautiful surprise! I had intended on showering and looking like a person, but instead I was stinky, filthy and full of mud from the river that day, my dreads needed to be tightened and were totally fuzzy and nappy, and I was full of dirt and sunburned. It was basically perfect. I was exactly the same person Sascha was used to seeing…..a mess!

Ollie dropped us off at the backpacker. I hadn’t realized that everything said “No Vacancy”, so I was clueless to what Ollie meant, but he gave me his number and said if we don’t find a place, he talked to his wife already and he would pitch the family tent for us for the night, so long as we don’t mind his screaming kids. What a nice man!

I went into the backpacker, but unfortunately there was only space for one person. We were six people, including Sascha and his two friends. This just meant we would have to camp. No worries there!

I began to text Sascha my newly discovered information, when I saw a familiar yellow shirt out of the corner of my eye. It was the yellow shirt Sascha would wear everyday to work in on the cherry farm…It was Sascha! I ran up to him with the biggest smile from my soul and gave him the biggest hug. I apologized for my hygiene…or lack of…but he didn’t care. He understood everything, and was aware of the situation in which I had just escaped. I was overwhelmed with happiness, like a child on Christmas morning.

He introduced me to his good friend Rene, and Rene’s step-sister, Eva. They were quite nice, and Rene was hilarious. I introduced the girls, and explained to everyone the situation. We sat on the grass, Sascha gave me a beer, and we all enjoyed a beer together in front of the hostel to celebrate our reunification.

I searched for a camping place, and between the six of us it would be fairly inexpensive. All I needed was a shower at this point, and then I could relax.

We all had a family BBQ to celebrate our friendships and experiences, and got to know one another.



CHCH-Love this (=

The next day we did some wandering around the town, some internet surfing so that the girls could buy a car, and some decision making, as well as more BBQing. Rene was quite the ninja on the Barbie. It came down to, I had no plan, the French girls have to stay in CHCH, but their mother put money in their account so they could camp until they bought a car. Sascha and friends wanted to swim with the dolphins on Akaroa Harbour, as did I, so we decided to do that in the morning, then camp in Kaikoura, which is one of my favorite places on Earth. Coincidentally, a guy responded to my wwoof post and he said he was near Kaikoura, so I could camp one more night with Sascha and friends, then wwoof until Achim arrives, and head back down to CHCH.


Akaroa Harbour

As everything that occurs within the universe, timing is everything. We missed the boat…literally…so whale watching didn’t happen. We enjoyed some gelato on the beautiful Akaroa Harbour, and headed back down the Banks Peninsula to CHCH, so that I could pick up my car and follow Sascha to Kaikoura.

We arrived at the same camping place that I had stayed at during my first journey down the South Island. Kaikoura is an epic place full of incredible energy. I was quite fond of it, and being back here and with Sascha, made it that much more special to me.



Once more, we had a bbq, and I sat in the hot tub and drank wine. Between the four of us, it cost $10 per person to camp there…we may or may not have mentioned how many people we really had…but it was irrelevant…to us that is ;). We enjoyed our bbq and wine, and headed off to bed. This would be the last time I would sleep next to Sascha for well….I have no idea how long! For some reason or another, I felt different…and perhaps distant. I believe it is because I realized that the “reason” or “season” was over…and I felt it. I trusted that, because that feeling is always right.

The next morning we got our things together and headed to see the town. I checked my email and the address of the wwoof host, and it turned out he was at least an hour west of Kaikoura. For some reason, I felt that my wwoofing needed a break, and I trusted that. I decided I would just stay in Kaikoura, and ask around at a backpacker if I could just work for my accommodation, and then I’d eat two minute noodles for the next two days and save money. Sascha and friends were heading to Nelson and Picton, where they would spend a day at each place and catch a ferry to the North Island.

We enjoyed a beautiful day of window shopping, site seeing, and beach relaxing with fish n’ chips involved, then we had to say goodbye again. It was still difficult, but nowhere near as desolate as the first experience. I hate saying goodbye, but this time it was more of a “See ya later!” and I could feel that as well.

After Sascha left, and I went back to the beach. I laid around for an hour, and then went back to this backpacker that I was parked in front of. I actually misread the sign. It appeared as follows:

Tent Sites:

1P Free Showers


2p $20

In my foggy daze I thought it said that tent sites were free for one person. I went in, and he explained it to me. He was a very nice Vietnamese man. He said that if I paid in cash he would give me a discount. I think he could tell that I had been frustrated, and just needed a place to rest my head. All I had in cash was $23. I told him I would go to an ATM and come right back, and he said no worries, that was fine. WOW! Another angel. Thank goodness I misread the sign, or I probably would have gone elsewhere.

I grabbed my tent from the car. Something struck me just then. I remembered the rope. My bag felt funny. I pulled out my tent, and then I realized it. Julie put away my tent when I tied her luggage to my car. She did just that, she put my tent away. She did not, however, put the poles back in the bag. The poles, they were lying on the Banks Peninsula…since three days. Lovely. Now my tent is worthless. By this time my frustrations were overwhelming. I walked back inside, explained to the man my situation, and asked if I could just have my money back until I figured something out. He said, “No worries! You sleep in backpacker! It’s okay!” and handed me a key to a dorm room in the backpacker hostel. Sweet! A proper bed! Love always finds me, I recognize this. After I put my things away and had some cheap crap for dinner, I headed to the pub. I scraped my ash tray change for a clarity beer. I found a beautiful beer garden, and enjoyed my beer over some inspiring live music. The man sung songs about humble heroes and Kiwi culture, etc. It was exactly what I needed. I decided in that moment that I wouldn’t do anything the next day, except lay on the beach and enjoy the epic energy.

I did just that. It was needed. I needed to do nothing. I needed clarity. I returned to my hostel at dark, worked on my never ending blogging, had some cheap, crappy pasta, and went to sleep.


Live Music, cheap beer, Kaikoura, Love

The next day I would head to CHCH again, where I would try to buy poles for my tent and camp. None of this worked out. I decided to get a cheap McDonald’s burger and sort out my thoughts. I headed to the library afterward, where I would utilize the free internet and post my dozens of pages of blogs.I decided to call Ollie. I had his number, and he said if I ever needed anything he would help. I did just that. He was delighted to hear from me, and insisted that I stay at his house. It was an incredibly rainy day today (4 Feb 2013), so he said he had a sleepout with a proper bed for me. I told him I’d be there at 7, and he told me to come hungry.

I was overwhelmed with joy to be able to be accommodated by a nice man who I met on the street. I trusted him, and his family, and looked forward to it.

As I returned inside the library to finish my coffee and blogging, everything began to shake. I knew instantly that it was an earthquake, although I had never experienced one before. No one really even reacted much, so apparently this is normal. My coffee cup, an arm’s length away, rattled onto the floor and broke into pieces. It was brief, and I learned minutes later that it was “only” a 3.9M, which is moderate and “no big deal”. It wasn’t a big deal really, just a surprise! I can now only imagine how traumatized people who experienced the horrific earthquake last year could be. I shook it off and continued my never ending catching up on my blog. To be honest, it felt quite liberating to share all of my emotions and experiences with the world. It put my mood in a good place. I was beaming with positive energy and Love!

At about 18:45, I packed up and headed to Ollie’s house. As I pulled up, he greeted me at the door, and had me park in the front grass. This reminded me of my old house, because I’d always park in the grass when I came home. His family was beautiful. His wife was a really sweet (non zombie) Japanese woman, and they had two beautiful daughters, 11 and 13. There was a beautiful spread of awesome foods on the table, and a spot waiting for me! They were all very proper, polite, and the most hospitable people I have ever met.

After the awesome meal, Ollie wouldn’t let me touch any dishes. He insisted that I was a guest. I’m not used to this! I had to surrender to this new thing! I enjoyed a hot shower, and a couple beers and great conversation with Ollie and his wife, and headed out to the perfect and beautiful sleepout, with a big awesome bed and heaps of fluffy blankets, where I would finish my latest blog, with a heart full of Love and gratitude, listening to the raindrops on the roof, and excited for my next adventure when my friend from the States arrives tomorrow. I reflect on all of the beautiful reunifications that occurred…with Sascha, with Kaikoura, and with Ollie. I’m grateful, happy, perfect, and at peace in this moment.



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  1. Susan February 7, 2013 at 10:22 pm #

    Amazing Kim. You are such an angel. Love will follow you!

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