2 May

This is one of the most difficult things for human beings to do. One month ago today as I was leaving Milford Sound, when a tourist who had no concept of the rules of the road parked in the left lane until I was about to pass, then pulled a u-turn in front of my car, leaving it written off (or totaled). Immediately after that (as I posted in a previous blog as well as Facebook) I was aware that this was no atrocity. This was a gift. Aside from the inconvenience of having to deal with this now and battling the responsible party’s insurance company, it wasn’t a big deal. I trusted that every single thing in my world happens for my greatest good, and the Universe reacts from the energy which I emit and my needs to guide me to where I need to be or the lessons I need to learn in order to guide me to save the world. I trust that my needs are always met. I trust and know that the Universe is an abundant place and there is always enough. I can see that clearly all around me. When it rains here, thousands of waterfalls pour from the mountain tops. I can drink water from any river, stream, waterfall, or lake. I can shower as long as and as much as I want, because there is always enough. That’s just one example which helps my physical body to integrate this concept and use it to expand my consciousness. I trust that everything that I need and want within the boundaries of respect and Love, I have and get. I believe this, because it is.

Another thing that I make sure that I do is to listen. Aside from listening to trees, I listen to my own soul. There are many times when I have no idea why I have a sudden urge to be somewhere, do something, or sometimes just a word in my head appears. I trust this nonetheless, and every single time I listen to it regardless of its absurdities. Every single time, this intuition leads me to the right place, and after the situation occurs it makes sense. I am fine tuning out my ego. Human beings are evolving into their egos and losing this intuition. Animals have it, trees have it, and humans have it. Our left brain, or logical brain, tunes it out via the ego. One must trust himself prior to the battle with the ego, otherwise the timing will fail and the opportunity will pass. The ego can, however, be useful for many things. I love Science. I question many things on a scientific or biological level. One must! However, when it comes to the Self, one must always trust, so long as the mind is clear and the head is level. Obviously there are people who are too far gone and a right mess. These are the people that I have recently been calling “Zombies”. The trees and I have named them this. Unconscious beings who potentially serve other purposes in life but are incapable of being connected. Some people just need to learn how to be connected, and many are keen but simply need guidance. I will always give any amount of energy and effort to these individuals. For example, my coworker and friend, Tristan. He is young and keen, and very connected. I recently taught him to listen to the trees in the forest because he was struggling with some inner things and needed guidance. Shortly after this, he stopped being a vegetarian overnight out of “nowhere”, and applied for University. He received the messages that he needed, and throughout the process of opening himself up to the guidance of the trees, he also opened his heart to the Universe. In addition, when one is an open-hearted soul, the same rules of chemistry apply: Like attracts like. People who one would never pin to be a free spirited, open soul come out of the woodwork for me. It’s such a beautiful delight! These are the people that I feed from and give to. I can be inspired and my soul can share loving nourishment and brain food.  In addition, happiness and being able to see the good in every possible situation are two very important elements. Where the heck am I going with all this? Well, I’ll tell you.

Today I drove back to Milford. My car is still smashed on the side of the road. There are times whilst living here that I cannot get a coach out of here, there is only one road, and it can be dangerous. I am 126km from the closest civilization. Things happen, emergency situations present themselves at times, and a vehicle is needed in those events. I put my needs out to the Universe with Love and respect. I appreciate all the good in the Universe and trust that it is abundant, and that there is always enough. I put all my Love out to the Universe, and She blesses me with Love in return, amplified significantly. I had no desire to go to the pub one night, but something inside me said that I needed to go. There was a band, and I try to take advantage of any opportunity to enjoy live music in the middle of the rainforest. Also, I still need to work on nourishing my feminine side. I put on my ferry skirt and red lipstick, and headed to the Milford pub.

When I arrived, I had a brief chat with a friend who works for the kayakers just to catch up in random conversation. He had mentioned that he and his partner were going to travel together for five months, and he needed to figure out what he would do with his car. I told him that I would buy it off of him, but he said he was coming back and would need it, so he could just transfer the registration to me and I could just drive it. Ironically (but not when you have a greater understanding of how the universe works) my visa expires in five months.

There was a bit of miscommunication the last few days between Horey (the car owner) and I, and I almost ended up not getting the vehicle. I needed food and had one more night to go to Te Anau to get groceries and supplies before my next shift. I was a bit irritated because I stayed in Milford on my days off waiting around for Horey and he didn’t come into Milford when he said he would. Yesterday morning something told me not to wait for the Jucy coach, but to go to work with Dave and get on the earliest coach to Te Anau with Real Journeys. When I went to the RJ’s desk, my friend Tania had mentioned that Horey was coming in this morning to Milford and to ring him. As soon as I rang the kayakers, he answered and said that he had just walked in the door! I couldn’t have been happier, although I had already accepted the fact that I might not get the car had I not gotten in touch with him. I trusted that whatever would happen would be for my greatest good. He was just about to have it parked in a garage for five months before I rang him, so my timing was perfect (which was no accident of course). We planned to drive to Te Anau and then he would meet up with his girlfriend there and another friend who would take the both of them to the airport.

He popped over to the house a few hours later, and we headed off on our journey. The car is a beautiful red Nissan wagon. It’s big enough to sleep in, so that’s always a plus. It’s also big enough to brew beer in (= . My first take off in her was a success, as Horey was sure that I would stall it since the clutch is touchy. It was perfect. I said goodbye to my friends, and I headed into town to get things sorted with my car, etc.

The Te Anau police have been absolutely awesome about my wee car sitting alongside the Milford Road for the last month, and I know they are getting angry phone calls from coach drivers. I decided I’d pay the $300 and have her towed to Te Anau, while I continued my battle with the insurance company. It’s not that big of a deal anyhow. Besides, life isn’t so serious. It’s just another thing. I cannot complain about this, when people are starving, endangered species are becoming more endangered and extinct, and the invasive human species is exploding new births all over the world.

After I checked into my motel in Te Anau, I decided to walk along the Lake to town. On my journey, I picked up rubbish along the Lake the entire way. One of the last pieces of rubbish was a safety briefing for the Te Anau glowworm caves! Duh! I totally wanted to do this for ages and had no plans for my evening. I popped into RJ’s and was able to book for that evening as well as get it for free because I work for Jucy in Milford. I was super stoked to finally see glowworms, and spend my evening in a cave! Winning! The Universe is so good to me!

Shortly after I arranged to finally have my car towed, I headed back to catch my boat to the cave. That was quite the experience. It felt a bit Disney-like because there was lighting and walkways through the caves in order to make it safe for guided tours, but I was able to absorb the experience that my soul needed at that time. At one stage we all piled in a tiny boat and went through a portion of the cave in the pitch black so that the worms would be more visible. It was incredible, as all one could see were the amazing and beautiful lights of the wee worms and hear the rushing waters. Also, the energy of the cave was enchanting and powerful. There was a rushing waterfall down below, and cave creatures in the waters such as eels and gnarly fish. It’s a pretty incredible element of nature to explore. It makes me want to find more caves to explore in their natural state. I’m certainly in the right country for it, and perhaps in summer I will seek these out. At one stage I filled my water bottle with the rushing waters of the cave, and then placed my hands on the cave walls to feel its incredible energy. It was quite different than the trees, it was powerful and almost overwhelming. It spoke a language I could not understand, however, I could feel. It was beautiful and sent shivers down my spine. I felt enlightened as the glowworms guided me with their light, the waterfall nourished my body with its waters and peaceful voice, and the cave embraced my soul with its massive energetic walls. It was a beautiful mini adventure that fed my soul.

I finished my night with some Chinese Takeaways and a warm bed watching nature shows on the tele. This morning I had my first journey in my new car back to Milford. I got to know her quite well, and all of her sweet spots in the clutch. It was as if we were meant to be. As Bertha (my green car) has been released with Love and retired, I welcome Thelma, my red beautiful wagon that I will care for with Love for the next five months while Horey is away. I know that this is, because I am open and the Universe has gifted me this with Love. Be good to the Universe, stay open with Love, and She will bless you with her Love. Love and Light.


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