Shamanic Journeys

8 Jun


I’m not journaling this to teach anyone to be a Shaman, if anyone is interested I can offer resources. I am in no way claiming to be a Shaman; I have only just begun my explorations of the non-ordinary reality, but plan to continue these adventures throughout my life. For anyone who wishes for resources, a great book for example, Shamanic Journeying by Sandra Ingerman is an excellent start. Michael Harner has some pretty epic books as well, but Ingerman does a great job at keeping it short and simple. I will explain my journeys with enough detail so that one can understand, but if anyone is interested, do look into it. It’s a beautiful world of healing and expanding the Consciousness. I am excited for the Love, Light, and Wisdom which I will obtain throughout my explorations and Journeys!


Journey #1: Journey to the Lower World to meet my power animal-01 June 2013

I put on the drumming music to tune my brain waves to theta, blind folded (or mind folded) myself, opened my window to hear the music of the forest, took a deep breath, repeated my intention, and was ready to journey. I was off. I used the roots of the Tree fern near the Tutuko Bridge to climb to the Lower World. When I reached the end of the roots, I was underground. It was reddish brown in color, and very Earthy. I looked around and didn’t see anything. It was frustrating to my ego which, of course, questions everything. I had done everything right and didn’t seem to be where I needed to. My creative brain kicked in, as the drumming took me further into a trance. I started digging a hole in the dirt to get lower, and a worm hole sucked me in. I was still not in the right place, but I was en route. I looked around when I landed somewhere in outer space, and there was a mini rocket waiting for me. It was tiny and cozy, and a perfect fit for me. I climbed in, and was off. It took me through space, through galaxies, etc. I felt it physically when we went through this pink colored galaxy, and beyond. The rocket landed. I got out and just stood there for a moment. I read in Sandra Ingerman’s book that it is important to notice settings, senses, etc. So I was in no hurry. I took in my surroundings. It was night time. The moon was bright in the sky, and I was on a beach. The sand, however, was grey, and clay-like in texture. I sank my toes in it; I ran my fingers through it. I looked up and saw a palm tree, surrounded by more bust. Then I heard it, just as clear as it could have ever been in any reality-the ocean. I felt the breeze, and I turned around. There was the sea, and out came my power animal (who has said it is best I keep his identity to myself). This wasn’t just any power animal, it was my power animal!

“Are you my power animal?” I asked with a heart full of Love and hope.

“Yes”. He replied.

“What teachings will you bring me that I will benefit from?” I asked, as Sandra suggested.

“Freedom. Love. Peace.”

He motioned for me to come into the water. This is significant because I’ve always been afraid of water, and am an atrocious swimmer. However, in non-ordinary reality, there are no fears, therefore, I walked right in.

He grabbed my hands and we celebrated. We spun in the water creating a whirlwind, then dove down deep. I was holding onto his fin and he was taking me down further. The water was clear with pink and orange as its color, and I was smiling from my Soul.

We popped through a hole and arrived in a dark place. All that I could see were several small men wearing tribal clothing and holding torches. They were waiting for me. We had a ceremonial celebratory dance, and they greeted me with Love. After our dance, he sat me in a wooden chair. He reached inside my brain and pulled out my ego. He threw it on the ground and stepped on it, and said:

“You won’t be needing this anymore. It’s only getting in the way.”

The drumming changed, indicating my signal to return. I thanked my power animal with Love, and he took me through the hole, back up through the sea, and to the shore where I had landed in my rocket. I thanked him once more, hopped in my rocket, and followed the same route which I had taken. In Shamanic Journeying, this is the route one always takes, so every time I journey to the Lower World, I will do just that.

I arrived in my room where I was lying. I was smiling. The energy exploded from my soul, and I was happy. I had more energy than I had in years! I felt a bit stoned as well, as one does when his brain waves are slowed from the percussion. I wrote down my experience, and then I danced.


Journey #2:

Journey to the Lower World

Every journey needs an intention, and it must be properly stated in order to receive the most beneficial answer. I have a lot of personal work to do, so what an amazing way to deal with some of my fears and issues that are brought on via the Ego. So, here goes one of my fears out to the entire World. I have always been afraid of the dark when I am alone. I can feel the energy of everything around me, and always have been able to. I feel the Spirits of things, and become uncomfortable when I cannot see them, only feel them. As humans, we like to always know and see what is going on, again, this is an ego thing. Therefore today I journeyed with the Intention: How can I free myself from fear?  

This time I decided to do something different to prepare. I had my breakfast first, so that I wasn’t distracted by my hunger (I had been my first journey because I journeyed as soon as I woke up). I had my coffee to avoid the caffeine headache, I prepared my space, and then I played the drumming. I danced around my room naked with my hula hoops whilst whistling, so that I can prepare the space to journey. The drumming on the CD, plus the whistling helps break up the energy, and the hooping and dancing helps stimulate the right brain, the creative brain, in order to prepare the mind for the journey. I also played the longer track this time, as I felt 20 minutes wasn’t entirely enough time to journey. After a few moments, I was ready.

I took three deep breathes and repeated my intention in ordinary reality, then put on my mind fold and was off. It was easier this time because I already knew the path. It’s like anything else, the first time one goes somewhere new and has no idea how to get there or what it looks like, it takes a bit longer. Now that I know what I am to see and expect to an extent, I got to my sea quicker. This time the sun had just begun to rise over the sea. My power animal was there waiting for me. I stated my intention, and he took me under the water. This time, however, we didn’t just dart down, we stopped underwater.

“Breathe.” was all he said.

At first my ego didn’t want me to. Everyone knows one cannot breathe underwater, but this is non-ordinary reality, and there are no limits here. So, I breathed. I breathed and laughed as my lungs filled with Love.

He took me lower. We passed the dark place we had been two days ago, and continued even lower.

We came to a forest. The moon had just begun to rise as the sun set. We began walking through the forest. After a short amount of time I saw an owl in a tree.

“Are you one of my power animals?” I asked.

“Yes.” Owl replied.

“What teachings will you bring me?” I questioned, excitedly.

“Security. Wisdom. The ability to see at night. I am a radar in the darkness” He replied. (I believe there was one more, but I had forgotten by the end of the journey).

He flew down and landed on my shoulder, with the yellow beaming lights from his radar eyes leading the way in the dark forest. We walked together. A snake appeared, but when I asked him if he was a power animal, he replied “Now is not the time for my teachings, I am simply joining you as a friend on your walk through the forest.” I was excited with anticipation knowing that there is a lesson from Snake sometime in my future.

As the three us walked through the forest, a tiger jumped out in front of us, and was looking directly at me, snarling and growling, drooling, and showing his teeth. Initially I was frightened, but quickly remembered that in non-ordinary reality I am always safe, and all spirits are compassionate, this was simply a lesson. The spirits speak telepathically and with metaphors, so the word “Trust” popped into my head from Tiger. I asked if he was a power animal for me and he said yes. I also cannot remember exactly what he said when I asked which teachings he’d be bringing me, but I feel like he showed me rather than telling me. He walked up to me, and I stroked his beautiful fur, and with my hand on his back shoulders, we walked together. He led the way by roaring his mighty roar, scaring everything out of the way. He was here to protect me. He was here to keep me safe, and scare off anything that could potentially harm me or bother me, and he was demonstrating this as we walked about.

We started to walk back for some reason, and as we did, I pet him some more. I thought I was meant to go back because we walked back, and he said, “Wait”. He rubbed on my sides, and then walked between my legs so that I ended up on his back, and he took off like lightening with me on his back through the forest. It was liberating and full of strength, Love, excitement, and honor. I couldn’t have felt safer! Tiger would protect me. He roared his mighty roar and snarled at anything that looked my way. We came upon an elephant. He roared and scared it off. I asked the elephant if it was a power animal for me, and it replied, “No, I am simply here to prove a point.” He was there for me to see that even an elephant wouldn’t bother me with Tiger protecting me. We went back to where the others had been waiting. I thanked Tiger, and then owl grabbed my hand. He took me for a flight and used his bright eyes to show me all that I could not see in the dark. There were all of the nighttime creatures about that some would deem “scary”, all the creepy crawly bugs, and even spirits wandering about. He shined the light on them, and showed me that they may appear scary, but are all full of Light, Love, and purpose. They must look scary to survive as nighttime creatures, however are harmless. Then he gave me the ability to see at night by putting his face against the back of my head, shining the lights of his eyes through mine so that I could see for myself. Even the spooky ghostly spirits were friendly, loving beings. A bat flew by. It wasn’t a power animal, just popped over, and I was able to see it with the eyes of Owl. We flew back. The drumming was calling me back, so I kissed Owl on the nose and thanked him. Tiger then tackled me to the ground playfully, and placed his right paw on my cheek so that I could feel the warmth of his love. He licked my face and I laughed. I got up and thanked him as well, then said goodbye. My main power animal took me back.

On our way back up through the sea I noticed an Octopus. I saw it because I could now see in the dark. It wasn’t a power animal, just there hanging out. Then, before we reached the shore, he stopped me underwater again. He reminded me to breathe. I took a few breathes with smiles and Love. We continued to the shore. I realized it was non-ordinary reality, so I can feed him anything. I picked some red berries from a tree, and when I blessed them with all my Love they grew ripe and plump. I gave them to my power animal, thanked him once more, and said goodbye. I returned to my bedroom and wrote down my epic experience.

I hadn’t had any internet to look up what my power animal meant when I did my first journey, and when I did today, after my second journey, I was amazed because it related to my second journey immensely. Here is what my particular power animal represents and teaches:

The sea, wisdom, eloquence, freedom, magic, change, discovery, truth, communication, trust, balance, and harmony. Create a rhythm in your life. Learn to release intense emotions through breathing. (!) Water element magic for releasing negative or debilitating emotions.

How awesome is that- that I read that after my second journey, after my power animal made me breathe under the water! Chew on that, skeptics!

Love and Light!


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