Kendra Lives in the Moment

Who on Earth is Kendra, you ask? Well let me tell you a story. This is a story of a birth and death. This is a true story, the story of Kendra and how she came to be.

There was a bright young woman with a crazy life and a heart of gold. Her name was Kim Wilson. Kim grew up poor and rough, and evolved into one of the most beautiful people I knew. She had this desire, the undying need to move to Africa to teach sustainability and save the planet. Her stories can be read via They will, without a doubt forever inspire.

Kim spent about a year in New Zealand learning sustainability and who she and this world were…she realized that she and the Earth were not separate entities. In fact, she learned that nothing is separate. Her hardest moments were coming back to the United States. She had been practicing her Shamanic work that seemingly came natural to her, and trusting her journeys every step of the way. These steps led her to go to Albuquerque, New Mexico to visit and find a job. She needed to move here because her journeys told her it would be a stepping stone to get to Africa. She trusted that with all her heart. As life goes, when something is meant to be, the Universe will unfold it and it seems as if the Red Sea parts. That is exactly what happened for Kim. She visited her soul sisters in New Mexico, secured a job at Starbucks, and planned a move back in three weeks.

Kim met a keen spirit when she went back to Indiana who wanted to have an adventure, and he volunteered to help her move. The move was on October 30th, after Kim’s brothers 30th birthday dinner-which was a very special time! After the dinner they set off on their journey. Kim wanted to catch up with a mate in Denver, so they planned on going the long route through Colorado. A few different people suggested meeting up with a mutual Shamanic friend along the way.

Night one of their journey they stayed at Kim’s best friend’s house in Davenport, Iowa. Then they set off for CO the next morning. Kim’s friend in Denver was a bit leery of people he didn’t know staying there, so he backed out. This left Kim and her travel companion without a destination, which was pretty cool in Kim’s eyes! No plan is the best plan! Or as she would often say in German “Spontan ist besser als geplannt” (Spontaneity is better than planned-sounds better in German)! This bugged her travel mate a wee bit, but he was along for the crazy Kim ride to see how she metaphorically jumps out of airplanes all the time and has no problem letting go ever. Eventually a friend in Fraser, CO texted Kim and offered up a warm bed and food for the night. After 16 hours of driving, Kim and her travel mate hadn’t killed one another and were still having a blast! The wee cozy house had a warm fire waiting and delicious pizza in the oven when they arrived. It was great for Kim to catch up with her friend, and offer some soul work to him as well.

The next morning was the last day of Kim’s life. She had no clue when she woke up that it was the end. Her and her mate set off to see the Shamanic friend a bit further south. They stopped at the Garden of the Gods and did some hiking and journeying. When they arrived at their destination, a beautiful dinner of fresh organic garden salad and homemade borscht was prepared. After a delightful catch up over dinner-Kim’s last dinner, they headed out to the yurt for an Intermediate journeying session. This was the last thing Kim would ever do…


3 Responses to “Kendra Lives in the Moment”

  1. LightandLove November 15, 2013 at 9:00 pm #

    This was Beautiful, I cry everytime i read it.


  2. wilma July 14, 2014 at 4:59 pm #

    I love her journey


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